Message from the President

Nagoya Port is evolving into a global port for the next generation.

 As the first automated container terminal in Japan, we have further evolved in cooperation with shipping companies, harbor transportation companies and land company and have grown to be the leading container terminal in Asia.

 Our company was established in July of 2003 in cooperation with shipping lines, harbor transportation companies and a land transportation company. We then started operation in December of 2005 to develop the local industry and economy as the mega operation model terminal in Nagoya.

 Our terminal is constantly evolving as the first automated high spec container terminal in Japan and introducing seismic equipment for earthquake prediction.

 We realized "KAIZEN" as a result of hard work, we seek humanfriendly automation devices promoting worker's ideas and safety.

 Thanks to all concerned, a major accident been avoided since in practice and we could secure enough efficiency for customer's demands.

 Japan's port circumstances in a volatile global economy, resources, environment, competitive overseas ports and security issues would be increasingly tough in the coming years and calls for necessary competitiveness for survival.

 TCB will keep on evolving with humility and courage for Nagoya Port, Japan's Port as well. We appreciate your continued support.

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